My year at JG Meiring

When I first arrived at JG Meiring I was scared, excited and nervous all at the same time. All my mixed emotions of the new environment made my mind blank when I had to introduce myself to my new peers and educators, but eventually I got the hang of things.

One of my greatest fears of the move was the traveling. I never thought that I would have to use a train and taxi to get to school. And having to be in the presence of strangers each and every school day. Luckily for me, I made a couple of friends whom I could travel with. On several occasions I bumped into creepy, sick-minded persons who wanted to do harm unto me, with prayer I got through that.

Coming from St. Andrew's, going to JGM was a huge change for me. I had to deal with new characters, some good, bad and others simply weird. It wasn't easy making friends at all, but in the final quarter I found that one person that I think is someone I can trust, Caitlin Burrows. But not all was good, bad spirited people can't be left out. A group of 'black' girls, the Devine Divas, were victimising me with emotional bullying. Going for counselling at school and informing the head of grade and disciplinary educator lightened the weight on my shoulders. And surely enough, in the first two weeks of the fourth term I could see a difference in their behaviour and ways towards me.

For the time I have spent at JGM, I learnt how to be strong and independent on a different level and that has shaped me into a much more confident and strong individual.

For 2014 and the years to come, I hope to do much better academically and to grow into a matured, brave and humbled person, someone my mother will be proud of and who I too will be proud of.

Thandi Saliem (20/12/2013)