Why I moved from St.Andrews High School to J.G.Meiring High School?

I always had dreams about being successful in my primary school years. I never thought I would be given the opportunity to pursue my career choices due to financial constraints.

After I completed my primary school education, I wished to attend a school offering a wide range of subjects with enough resources, an environment with rules and regulatios, surrounded by well mannered disciplined pupils. Unfortunately due to personal circumstances, my only option was St.Andrews, the school closest to home. From my first day, I realised that it was exactly as people described in the community: filled with ill discipline and hooliganism.

The first year passed and gangsterism became more rife at the school. During the first term of 2013, I was approached by Dr Desiree Schumann, a founder member of CDC, an NGO, who were generous enough to help improve my chances of success by providing me with a sponsorship covering my tuition and educational expenses at J.G.Meiring High School in Goodwood. I am very grateful to this NGO for this wonderful opportunity as it opens doors to learning and my future career path.

I am eager to complete the following four years at the school and acquire my matriculation certificate.